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Dripping Springs Dark Sky Community

We hope you enjoy the view.

At Arrowhead Ranch, you and your family can experience the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country right from your home. During the warm summer nights, sit outside with your neighbors and take in the clear sky as your children chase glowing fireflies. After the sun goes down, the night sky of Dripping Springs is lit up with a myriad of stars where you can learn the constellations, watch meteor showers, or simply soak up the sky as it was meant to be seen.

If you love looking up into the night sky or want to point out constellations to your children from your own backyard, then Dripping Springs is the perfect place for you. To ensure that the nighttime sky remains dark and clean from light pollution, Dripping Springs has become the 6th city in the United States to be designated a Dark Sky Community, so you and your family can enjoy the night sky in all its glory. The community has banded together to preserve the wealth of natural beauty above it by limiting outdoor lighting at night and by replacing traditional lights with smart lighting alternatives. Forestar has designed Arrowhead Ranch to benefit from the beauty of the Texas Hill Country’s lovely night sky, and comply with all of Dripping Springs’ outdoor lighting ordinance that embraces smart lighting to reduce light pollution to preserve and protect the character of the nighttime sky over central Texas.